Information about the Service

I am a general paediatrician with a special interest in children's development, paediatric incontinence and constipation.

There is no online booking system.  An appointment is made by the secretary after acceptance of the GP referral and signing of an private patient agreement form and acceptance of the terms and conditions. 

Payment of fees is preferably by Credit or Debit Card in the clinic for face-to-face consultations (cash or cheque is still an option) and by PayPal invoice for virtual (phone, video, email, WhatsApp etc) consultations. 

Receipts: Receipts are provided in the form of the SumUp card payments or a headed paper receipt on request. The statement on your bank account or emailed notification may not contain the name of your child of the heading of the clinic.

The Terms and Conditions explain the type of services provided and the related fees. Click here  or button below for details.Sa


The pre-RCT SITTA research study was completed in 2019 and presented at the Irish Paediatric Association Scientific meeting, whereby children with bedwetting were offered a new treatment method of shorter duration with two weekly clinic visits. The children were treated with one of two different types of bedwetting alarms (some also used medication). The outcome was excellent with nearly 95% achieving dryness for at least 14 days in a row and 70-85% remaining dry for over 6 months, independent of the type of alarm used. This SITTA method will now be used in the newly created Paediatric Incontinence Clinic in the new Paediatric Outpatients building in Cavan Town (Breffni Building) and in my Envidius Private Clinic.

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